Mastering The Challenges of Tomorrow's Healthcare Market

Stefan Sevens, Vice President Medical Solutions, Datwyler Sealing Solutions

Stefan Sevens, Vice President Medical Solutions, Datwyler Sealing Solutions

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech markets require high-end quality without compromise. In the healthcare industry, it is essential to ensure the highest level of quality, hygiene, and safety while meeting ever-changing regulatory requirements. Best-in-class solutions need sophisticated product know-how, flexibility, high-quality manufacturing processes provided on a global scale, and strong partnerships that enable organizations around the globe to realize their full healthcare potential.

If you want to create innovative solutions, you need to partner with forward-looking research institutions and companies. Above all, these partner companies encourage synergies, which enable the development of high-tech medical solutions. Keeping the ear on the pulse of the future will allow you to design customizable solutions to real industry challenges. 

The Big Trends of Tomorrow: Digital Health & Wearables

Digital health creates many new challenges for pharmaceutical and medical companies as well as their suppliers and continues to be a trending topic in the industry. Yet, the changing medical market offers new opportunities and new niche solutions within the connected healthcare space. Greater patient empowerment and autonomy are just some of the critical aspects that will help the acceptance of digital health solutions among all stakeholders.

"Solutions are created to improve the comfort and safety of our patients significantly – a cause we at Datwyler strongly believe in"

In this changing environment, we see a lot of potential for innovative healthcare solutions such as wearables. Due to their high potential for future developments, wearables have rightfully become one of the big topics of discussion. Wearables allow patients a significant increase in mobility and flexibility, enabling them to do necessary vital checks at home, for instance. Additionally, a convenient way to monitor critical signs increases patients’ safety.

The higher comfort provided by these wearables and other digital healthcare solutions contributes to the patients’ relaxation, which is essential for many therapies. Ultimately, these solutions are created to improve the comfort and safety of our patients significantly— a cause we at Datwyler strongly believe in and will continue to promote through collaborations and investments. Also, wearables are paving the way for new avenues of drug delivery.

Datwyler’s Innovative Wearable Solutions 

One result of this continued push for innovative solutions was the development of soft dry electrodes, which are based on a flexible conductive polymer and a customizable design. These electrodes allow dry signal acquisition, which eliminates the use of gels and decreases skin irritation, significantly improving the treatment comfort for patients.

Furthermore, the specific design and characteristics enable usage without special skin preparation and freedom of area for monitoring which leads to a simplified correct placement and the opportunity for patients to apply the electrodes outside the hospital, substantially increasing their convenience. The soft dry electrodes are our proposition for comfortable longterm biomonitoring. As the name “wearable” suggests, the electrodes are made to be worn on the body for an extended period, which can stretch over several days or even weeks.

While patients may not yet be aware of the major shift that has happened across digital health in the past few years, they significantly benefit from innovative solutions such as the soft dry electrodes. We will continue our research, as improving patients’ lives is one of our top priorities. 

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